November 2019

I’m usually offended when I hear someone bragging about how good they are at something and I typically tune them out. Let me run that risk with you and claim that I am great at dieting and losing weight. I have been very successful with every diet plan I’ve ever tried. I can document that I’ve lost several hundred pounds in my adult life. At this point you probably have one pressing question: “Why then are you still fat?” I have a very simple answer to that question. Eating right and exercising has always been for me a temporary trend rather than a lifestyle.

As we enter the month of Thanksgiving which quickly points towards Christmas I have noticed that grumpy people seem to be more numerous and more outspoken than at other seasons. I’m certainly not exempt from the grumpy persona at times. Could it be that we are half-heartedly approaching serving Jesus as season instead of a lifestyle? If Christians became determined to make a thankful heart a lifestyle, I believe our world would be quite different. If we totally focused our lives on the gift of Christ, God’s Only Son, we would have less time to fret over which earthly gifts we have to buy. Perhaps the greatest gift we could give ourselves and those around us would be to adopt a lifestyle of Thanksgiving instead of making it a temporary observance of a day on the Calendar.

In His Service.