2020 is now upon us and I can’t help but reflect back to Y2K. Many of you remember the media hype which assured us that on the stroke of midnight as the year 2000 began, computers would fail, power grids would go down, and the world would be thrown into chaos. Some people had stockpiled supplies in anticipation for a doomsday scenario. I remember praying at church about two minutes before Midnight. When we opened our eyes for the first time in 2000, all the lights were still on and a new century had begun in a rather uneventful manner.

As we begin another year there are plenty of problems in our world but the greatest preparation we can make is to move closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Second Coming of Christ is not media hype. One day He will return and the Bible tells us to watch and be ready. The call to prepare however is not a license to ignore the current issues and injustices in our world. In the name of Christ we are to make a difference here and now. If we live our entire lives without His return we must be found faithful, refusing to compromise the good news of the Gospel. Y2K was supposed to take computers offline. There are evil forces today who want to silence Christians. Now is not the time for weakness, but the time to lovingly show the world the grace and power of the risen Lord.

Happy New Year!