Our Rightful Place

I recently watched the remake of “The Lion King”. This movie has a great many life lessons that can be especially valuable when studied from a Christian perspective. Simba was the son of King Mufasa and was to be King at the conclusion of his father’s reign. He made some youthful mistakes and ultimately was framed for the death of his father. His troubles caused him to run from his responsibility to be king and he fled beyond the borders of the Pride Land Kingdom where he became very happy with his new life. Eventually the would be Queen, Nala came to find him and insisted he return and take his rightful place as King of the Pride Lands which were now in ruins. He tried to convince her that he had a new life in a very beautiful place. Indeed he was in a beautiful place but he was not where he belonged. The story resolution hinges on Simba’s decision to return to the Pride Lands to claim his rightful responsibility as King.

Where are you in this journey of life? Maybe you are in what you think is a beautiful place but are you where God wants you to be? We would do well to fall on our knees as we toss aside all the excuses we have been making for ourselves and cry to a Holy God for forgiveness and direction. Following the guidance and example of Jesus Christ will take us back and keep us where we belong.