October 2019 Newsletter Article

We are constantly told that something is new and improved. As I grow older, I’m less inclined to believe that new automatically means improved. Rhonda and I were given a Norelco dial-a-brew coffee maker as a wedding gift. At the time it was the new and improved way to make a pot of coffee. Years later we bought a Keurig because that was the new thing. Last year we were given a “pour over” and then a “press” so that we could keep up with the times. About a month ago I bought an electric percolator. It’s just like the one my grandmother used to have and is based on technology that is over 200 years old. Rhonda and I have concluded that it makes better tasting coffee than any of the aforementioned methods. Apparently the old way is still the best way.

In a world which constantly screams for something new, Christians need to be the ones who insist that we cannot improve on reading, believing, and striving to live according to the teachings of the Bible and the example of Jesus Christ. Styles may change but we cannot improve on the fact that it’s important to come together for worship. There is no substitute for the Church. We can and should search for new ways to enhance worship and Bible study. We should seek more efficient ways to reach the lost, but don’t always assume that new means improved. “…..to tell the old, old story of Jesus and his love” - Arabella Hankey